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6 Secrets for better affiliate marketing

ByPawandeep Singh

Dec 2, 2022
6 Secrets for better affiliate marketing

Are you failing to see outcomes with your affiliate marketing campaigns? Perhaps you’re new to this marketing strategy, or maybe you’re a competent marketer whose income has plateaued. Either way, you might be harrowing to make your campaigns stand out.

Fortunately, there are small adjustments you can generate to improve your affiliate marketing strategy. This will help you stimulate more traffic to your partners’ product pages and boost your commission.

In this post, we’ll share some tips to help you build advanced affiliate marketing campaigns. Let’s get started!

What is meant by Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the tools in digital marketing that can be authorized for doing online marketing. In simple words, it means that a person who is an affiliate will tie up with a project and will be given the assignment to promote the products which are related to the project and you will be paid according to the commission if some deal is done by your reference.

If you direct a customer from your website to the alliance you will get paid. It is just straightforward. It can also be to demonstrate users to subscribe to a newsletter or sign up or anything.

You will not get paid until your redirected traffic does not take any action. So, convincing the readers is the most extensive part of affiliate marketing.

#1: Size Matters!

First and foremost, Affiliate marketing achievement has to do with promoting a company and its products that have a sizable audience and can attract large amounts of traffic.

 If you can’t visualize this from the beginning, don’t even bother putting time and effort into promoting such a company and its products or services.

If the products/services, however, are in maximum demand and the company you are promoting is large enough and also reputable then it’s greatly worth promoting.

Especially if you believe they are a decidedly profitable niche and the company’s services or products you want to promote have key benefits over its competitors!

The Forex and CFD financial niche, for example, can offer you a larger and more engaged audience due to the huge demand for trading the financial markets and especially the CFD market.

This massive demand can provide maximum disclosure for your offerings which, in turn, can help you accomplish long-term financial objectives. Focusing on this niche and partnering with a prominent brokerage can truly be worth your time and efforts.

So, size does matter. However, size here can be measured in different ways:

  1. The brokerage is a modest size, the website has prudent volume (monthly traffic), and therefore has the potential to sell and gain traffic to it!
  2. The brokerage offers higher than just forex (limited offering)-offers other financial instruments which give traders and investors the capability to trade all markets such as CFDs and options trading.
  3. Has a favorable reputation over many years- Look into its goodwill online, and find out how many years the brokerage has been around.
  4. Is highly regulated- if it’s not monitored don’t bother! The AvaPartner program, for example, is a coordinated broker across 5 continents.
  5. A broad spectrum of products- offers many services and unique products that traders and investors committed to and want!

For the Forex and CFD niche questions such as do they offer the current trading platforms, do they have exclusive trading Apps, do they have other exceptional products that no other company is offering?

Such as multiple and leading trading platforms. Partner only with a broker who offers you an alternative to the latest trading platforms and mobile trading apps to satisfy your trading inclination.

 Including the well-known MT4/MT5 and WebTrader, other great illustrations would be AvaOptions, and AvaTradeGO for mobile phone users who want to trade at any moment, anywhere – all popular options rendered exclusively by AvaTrade.

If you collaborate with a brokerage that answers to all the above, you can certainly hit those affiliate marketing principles you set out for yourself!

#2: You are flexible

Is your affiliate marketing business versatile or resilient enough to accommodate your requirements if you decide to adjust your spending up or down?

For illustration, do you have the potential to drive greater traffic volume to your site if you designate spending more marketing dollars during, say, a bullish economy when there is a skyward trend in an industry’s stocks?

What about being malleable with marketing channels? If your contribution to Facebook ads and campaigns, for example, isn’t working out a puddle for you, are you flexible enough to try other social media channels?

Or use email marketing or blogging to try and see if it’s more fruitful.

No doubt the most lucrative affiliate marketers are the ones that usually have had to try to learn with experience, and for some reason, they don’t give up if things do not work from the starting point.

They keep trying until they search for the right fit and the right strategy that works for them to produce huge traffic which in turn produces massive commissions for years to come!

#3: Transparency & Commission Plans

Customized commission plans – One size does not fit all, and your affiliate marketing business will become more fruitful and lucrative if your commission plan can be tailor-fit to your business model, long- and short-period business goals, and other preferences. AvaTrade not only offers you an option of CPA cost/acquisition, RevShare, or Hybrid commission models; but also makes sure you get quick and certain payouts and state-of-the-art technologies to track your gains and commissions.

Marketing support – Choose a partner broker who will make assured you are not alone when it comes to artistic your affiliate marketing business and boost your commissions.

For illustration, AvaTrade provides you with a wide range of marketing materials – including landing pages, banners, mailers, and widgets – in addition, to a team of affiliate marketing experts that consists of graphic designers to help you achieve success.

#4: Can measure the ROI

Yep, it all comes down to return on investment, or ROI, when you do any marketing online. And your affiliate marketing is lucrative – increasing traffic to your website and impressive them to click on the links to your affiliate marketing partners – may need you to spend some advertising dollars on targeted publicity that can boost your profits in the long term.

Your ability to measure your ROI as well as ROAS (return on ad spend) – to determine what’s paying off and what’s simply a waste of money – will help you fine-tune your promotional marketing approaches and give you the most bang for your buck.

This is what discriminates successful affiliate marketers from the rest.

#5: Partnering with a trustworthy company that gives good customer support

When it comes to affiliate marketing, only partner with an exact company that has a good reputation. Since you are artistic, their goodwill will reflect directly on you!

That is accurate even more when you are a broker or forex affiliate– putting your faith – and your clients’ or referral’s money – in the hands of a broker is a massive deal. So, team up with a brokerage that is reputable and monitored.

Commence by ensuring that your online broker is overseen by the relevant regulatory authority – the more countries in which they are controlled, the better. For example, AvaTrade is willing with regulatory bodies in Canada, Ireland, Japan, Australia, Abu Dhabi, and the British Virgin Islands.

This means your reputation and integrity won’t be put at risk, and you won’t lose current clients and potential profits as an output of, for example, an unregulated broker going insolvent and running away with your /referee’s money.

If you are promoting services as hostile to products, then better make sure the company or brokerage you are promoting offers devoted customer support – Don’t lose out on this critical value.

 You’ll enjoy customer honesty and ever-growing profits if your clients or referrals receive excellent support, services in their language, help with what they need, and their questions answered.

#6: Promote something unusual! 

Promote something unusual by offering more preference to referrals!

As we specified in factor #1 Size matters, and the more unique products the company offers, the superior and easier it is to market!

When it comes to the forex affiliate niche even more so there are boundless online forex brokers that have flooded the market, but very few stand out from the congregation.

The ones that do are those that offer the capability for traders and investors to trade more than just forex pairs.

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