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Top 49 Free Event Submission Sites in India 2023

ByPawandeep Singh

Feb 1, 2023
Top 49 Free Event Submission Sites in India 2023

What is Event submission in SEO?

Event submission is the process of promoting an event by submitting details about it to various platforms and websites. The purpose of event submission is to enhance the visibility and reach of the event and to make it easier for people to find and attend the event.

Once we organize an event we also want a marvelous audience to connect and attend them. here we use event submission sites. This is the right way to popularize your event by using SEO.

What are the Pros of Event Submission Sites in SEO?

Event listing has great benefits in SEO. As we know that events can attract massive customers to our businesses, and this technology can help us a lot in promoting our event SEO in the given ways.

1. Help To Increase Brand Value

If you are regularly posting numerous events from event listing sites, your brand awareness will automatically increase. People will get to know about your business and they will definitely start selling your business in good numbers.

2. Increase our Website Traffic

If you are organizing events and sharing them on event listing sites, people will come to know about them and they will come to your website to collect more details about your business. 

By using event listings, you will gain good recognition in the industry. This boosts the chances of getting real backlinks. If anyone finds your business event result oriented and helpful to their business, they will be happy to list your site in their blog or news pages. You will get real backlinks and it will automatically enhance your website SEO.

Required Information For Event Submission Sites?

1. Event Name -: In the Initial step we give a clear name to our event thus people easily learn and understood it.

2. Date and Time -: Gives the right date and time of the event in the event marketing sites. and the finest time and date to choose is weekly off days like Saturday and Sunday or any holiday.

3. Location -: Location is also a very important parameter of the event submission site list. Gives a correct location and makes an event more famous you can also use google maps that people easily use to get to the location.

4. Description -: A good description helps to connect a massive number of people for your event description is always simple and easily understandable.

There are a few steps involved in the process for Event submission sites as an event:

  1. Choose a platform: Select a platform or website that is fit for your event and has a large audience. Some popular platforms for event submissions include event listing websites, social media platforms, and local news websites.
  2. Gather information: Collect all the required information about your event, including the date, time, location, and details about the event.
  3. Create an event listing: Use the details you have gathered to create an event listing, which should include a title, description, and any relevant information such as ticket prices and links to purchase tickets.
  4. Add images and media: Add images and media such as videos to your event listing to make it extra visually appealing and engaging.
  5. Submit your event: Follow the submission regulation and guidelines of the platform you are using and submit your event listing.
  6. Promote your event: Share your event on social media and other platforms to boost its visibility and reach.

Event submission sites are a useful way to boost your event and reach a larger audience. It is important to choose the right platform and follow the submission rules and regulations to ensure that your event is listed and promoted effectively.

Here are some Famous event submission sites in India:

BookMyShow: A popular platform for ticketing and events, BookMyShow grants you to list and promote events in India.

Events High: A platform that lists events from a variety of categories like music, sports, and food, Events High allows you to submit your event and reach a large audience in India.

Explara: A platform for ticketing and events, Explara permits you to list and promote events in India and manage ticket sales.

MeraEvents: A platform for events in India, MeraEvents grant you to list and promote events and manage ticket sales.

Townscript: A platform for event ticketing and registration, Townscript permits you to list and promote events in India and manage ticket sales and registrations.

after that dedication now the time is to show you our event submission sites list which helps you to get a huge number of people about the upcoming event.

Top 49 Free Event Submission Sites in India

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Event Submission Sites: Final Words

Before submitting your event to any of these event submission sites, make sure to read and follow their submission guidelines and regulations to ensure that your event is accepted and listed. It is also important to choose a platform that is fit for your event and has a large audience in order to get good value from your submission.

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