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How to enter data in Eviews Part one

ByPawandeep Singh

Nov 28, 2022

first of all read the previous article that is Eviews free download. The procedure for entering the data into Eviews Software is as follows:

Step 1. The prime step is open the software.

  • When you open the software, the interface will open where in the navigation bar some options are given which will be used later on.
  • Just below the navigation bar command section is there. Where we can pass the commands for performing the tasks as well as you can perform the same and you don’t need to pass the command well it depends on you. In which way do you want to perform the task?
  • And just below the command section, there is a programming section. Where the data will be shown.

Step 2. To enter data manually.

Go to file. Then new then workfile.

Protip: you can simply press (Ctrl+N)

Step 3. A new dialogue box will open.

  • Now you have to select the options according to the requirements.
  • Workfile structure type à undated means cross-sectional data, dated means time series data, and panel data means a mix of both cross-sectional as well as time series.
  • Date Specification selects the time period type (annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, etc.)
  • Just below set the timing means the start and end date.
  • And set the file name for the purpose of saving the data.


Protip: for creating the undated workfile structure

Press Ctrl+N à dialogue box will appear

Select the work file structure as updated à fill number of observations as 10 à click ok.

A new dialogue box will appear.

Step 5. For creating the new variable.

Go to objective à new object. Type of object select (Series) à name of the object (Score)

A new variable will be added.

Step 6. Now, for entering the values. Double-click on the Score variable.

For entering the numeric values just click on the edit button (right-side top corner)

For Score enter the values


Step 7. In the same way, just create another variable name Attendance and enter the values are follow:


Step 8. For checking the values just select both variables

Right-click à open à as group


so in this way, you can create a new file on Eviews and enter the values.

Points to be remembered:

  1. Series is selected when the variable is created, it is selected just because of numeric values.
  2. If you want to enter alphabets in the data then select alpha series.
  3. It’s just for study purposes only. The notes which I’m sharing with you just created by me in the guidance of my knowledge. For professional knowledge please do data analytics courses.

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