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Leading Guest Blogging Sites List (140+ best sites)

ByPawandeep Singh

Feb 11, 2023
Leading Guest Blogging Sites List (140+ best sites)

You can reach massive audiences with guest blogging sites list and grow your business very quickly—if you do it right. One of the main key things is to find the right sites to write for. Here are some of the leading and best ones in different industries.

Guest blogging can be an extremely consistent and fast way to generate your email list and relationships with the people in your market.

Sure, you are required to get several things right to get 100+ subscribers from each guest post you write.

But the initial step is to find a site that accepts blog guest posts.

You might have some ideas of sites where you could write, but hopefully, you get a slightly more ideas from this list of guest blogging sites.

This isn’t even trying to be an outright list of sites that accept blog guest posts. Rather, it’s aiming to be a high-quality list infect these are some of the best guest blogging sites you can target.

However, I’m sure I have forgotten many.

Getting accepted to some of them might be a little bit tough. But if you avoid the common mistakes when you pitch your guest post, then you have a good chance to get through with a good post.

The sites are categorized to some degree, although they’re not in any particular order within the categories.

The initial category is the only one I really know. The other categories aren’t as well completed, so tell me if you spot something weird.

I will update the list every now and then. If there’s a site you think I should add to the list (or any site I should remove from it), let me know in the comments. Thank you.

Leading Guest Blogging Sites List 2023

Leading Guest Blogging Sites List 2023

Marketing / Blogging /Business / social media

Marketing sites that accept blog guest posts are as follows.

KISSmetrics – Write for them
I write for KISSmetrics quite on daily basis. If you go for it, prepare to go through round one or two of editing, and whatever you do, don’t forget to use real examples to illustrate your points. Self-promotion is an absolute no-no, so don’t even try this.

Traffic Generation Café – Write for them
I have written for Traffic Generation Café a few times. Quality-standards are high: if your post is not really actionable for the audience, it doesn’t stand a chance to get published.

Think Traffic – Write for them
Think Traffic does accept blog guest posts, although based on what I understood, they invite all the guest authors. You can try to contact them and ask, whereas don’t spend time writing a post before you’ve checked that they’re interested to even look at it.

Firepole Marketing – Write for them
I’ve got a monthly guest post feature in Firepole Marketing. They have a big, engaged audience, so you can get massive interaction in the comments. If you write a valuable post and you’re not in a haste to get it published, it’s well worth the effort to write for them.

Copyblogger – Write for them
Don’t hold me accountable for this, but I have understood that they are focusing on using their in-house writers and their long-time guest authors. So, even with an introduction, it’s much difficult to get them to even read your post. And unsolicited posts do not stand a chance.

Mashable – Submit news
Mashable is technically type of a news site. Keep it in mind when you approach them.

MarketingProfs – Write for them
MarketingProfs is a marketing website for marketing professionals. You are required to have something special to share for marketing pros to get there.

Men with Pens – Write for them
They’re picky. Really picky. And that’s what makes the site so better. But if you’re not sure that you can write something really good then you can probably spend your time more wisely.

Social Media Examiner – Write for them
Social Media Examiner is possibly the leading site for social media stuff. And they are equally picky as they are high quality.

Blog Guest Posts Sites List

Moz – Write for them
Previously SEO moz. I think they are the biggest SEO-related site (after Google’s sites), so if that’s your target market, you must definitely write a guest post for them.

Duct Tape Marketing – Write for them
I have only written one guest post for Duct Tape Marketing. They post one guest post every weekend, so the competition is a bit tough (put your best foot forward). And they have a topic calendar for the blog for months in prior, so ask for that before you suggest topics.

Denise Wakeman

Smart Passive Income – Write for them

E-Junkie.info – Write for them



Search Engine Journal – Write for them

Search Engine People – Write for them

Magnet 4 Marketing – Write for them

12 Most – Write for them

LKR Social Media – Write for them

She Takes on the WHOLE World – Write for them

Inspiration Feed – Write for them

Work it, Mom! – Write for them

Birds on the Blog – Write for them

Social Fresh – Write for them

Business2Community — Write for them

Basic Blog Tips – Write for them

The RedHead Writing Blog – Write for them

Daily Blog Tips – Write for them 

Blog Godown – Write for them

BloggersPassion – Write for them

Blogging Tips – Write for them

Blogsolute – Write for them

ComLuv – Write for them

Smart Bloggerz – Write for them

Famous Bloggers – Write for them

John Chow

Problogging Success – Write for them

Quick Online Tips – Write for them

We Blog Better – Write for them

Self-development / Spirituality / Psychology

Self-development sites that accept blog guest posts.

Dumb Little Man – Write for them

Lifehack – Write for them

MOMeoMagazine – Write for them

Work Happy Now – Write for them

Brazen Life – Write for them

Inspiration Feed – Write for them

Self Growth – Write for them

Lyved – Write for them

Extraordinary Mommy – Write for them

She Takes on the whole World : Write for them

Pick the Brain – Write for them

Roots of She – Write for them

Psychology Today – Write for them

The Psychology of Well/being : Write for them

The Change Blog – Write for them

Your Tango – Write for them

Hack College – Write for them

Organizing Junkie – Write for them

Private Practice from Inside and Out : Write for them

Photography / Graphics / Video / Design / Art

Photography, graphics, video,design, and art sites that accept blog guest posts.

Blog Guest Posts Sites List

1st Web Designer – Write for them

Onextrapixel – Write for them

Noupe – Write for them

WDL – Write for them

Planet5D – Write for them

Digital Photography School – Write for them

Inspiration Feed – Write for them

Skyje – Write for them

Web and Designers – Write for them

Light Stalking – Write for them

Steve’s Digicams – Write for them

I Heart Faces – Write for them

Colossal – Write for them

Inhabitat – Write for them

Daily Art Fixx – Write for them


Technology sites that accept blog guest posts.

Readwrite – Write for them

Tips Blogger – Write for them

Gigaom – Write for them

Smashing Magazine – Write for them

Techie Buzz – Write for them

Techie Blogger – Write for them

Digital Inspiration – Write for them

Trouble Fixers – Write for them

Devils’ Workshop – Write for them

Calling All Geeks – Write for them

Inspiration Feed – Write for them

The Pragmatic Bookshelf – Write for them

Site Point – Write for them

The Kernel – Write for them

Tech Walls – Write for them

iTech Code – Write for them

Tech At Last – Write for them

Comptalks – Write for them

Web and Designers – Write for them

Slashdot – Write for them

Craving Tech – Write for them


Writing sites which accept blog guest posts.

Write to done – Write for them
I have written few number of posts for Write To Done. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are much pickier with writing quality than most sites. So, check your grammar…

Men with Pens – Write for them

Writers in Charge – Write for them

Freelance Folder – Write for them

Freelance Switch – Write for them

Story Fix

Live Hacked – Write for them

Make a Living Writing

The Sun Magazine – Write for them

Fitness / Health / Food

fitness, Health, and food sites that accept blog guest posts.

Psychology Today – Write for them

Hive Health Media – Write for them

Kevin M.D. – Write for them

Self Growth – Write for them

The Change Blog – Write for them

Mercola – Write for them

Weight Loss Triumph – Write for them

Natural News – Write for them

Menuism – Write for them

Food Sense – Write for them

Women’s Health – Write for them

The Kitchn – Write for them

Aggie’s Kitchen – Write for them


Finance sites which accept blog guest posts.

Get Rich Slowly – Write for them

Man vs. Debt

I Will Teach You to Be a Rich : Write for them

Five Cent Nickel – Write for them

Modest Money – Write for them

Investopedia – Write for them

ComFree Blog – Write for them

Investor Guide – Write for them

Investment Yogi – Write for them

Fat Wallet – Write for them

Money Saving Mom – Write for them

Wise Bread – Write for them

Saving Advice – Write for them

One Cent at the Time : Write for them

Financial Highway – Write for them

Financial Sense – Write for them


Travel sites which accept blog guest posts.

foXnoMad – Write for them

Global Grasshopper – Write for them

2 Backpackers – Write for them

Viator – Write for them

Boarding Area – Write for them

Travel Supermarket – Write for them

The Glove Box Blog = Write for them

Matador Network – Write for them

Away.com – Write for them

Inspiring Travelers – Write for them

Dangerous Business –Write for them

Velvet Escape – Write for them


Parenting sites which accept blog guest posts.

Baby Center – Write for them

Modern Mom – Write for them

Extraordinary Mommy – Write for them


Sites that accept blog guest posts and are tough to categorize.

Huffington Post – Write for them

What should I add/remove?

This list is too far from complete. And because my expertise is mostly limited to only business category, I can never complete it without your help.

Did I forget a category or a website that accepts blog guest posts? Note that this is a list of the FINEST guest blogging sites, so unless a site is one of the MASSIVE or most trusted in its industry, it doesn’t belong to this list.

Should I remove or change something (site) in the list?

You can contact me with your suggestions. But please, only suggest sites that are among the massive in their industry/niche.

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