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how to get SEO projects as a freelancer

ByPawandeep Singh

Dec 9, 2022
how to get SEO projects as a freelancer

Whether you run a digital marketing company or work as an SEO freelancer, the primary question that would be invariably popping up in your mind is “How to get SEO Projects?”

With the booming demand for internet marketing, the digital-nomad lifestyle is also gaining popularity nowadays.

In addition, by optimizing your online existence and smartly using SEO job portals, you can search for new SEO customers by sitting at your home or office.

In this post, I would let you know five bangs to get SEO projects as a freelancer, plus, I would also tell you how you could manage various SEO works simultaneously by using SEO project management tools. Without any further confusion here are the five tips to get new SEO Projects on the web.

5 Tips to get SEO Projects

1) Bidding on Freelance Websites

  1. The prime step to getting a new Client for SEO is you should start making a profile on celebrated outsourcing sites like Freelancer.com, UpWork.com, peoplperhour.com, etc.
  2. These sites are extraordinarily useful for new businesses and for the people who scan for the newest SEO freelancing projects. You can simply make a convincing profile with your credentials and begin bidding for SEO projects available on those freelance portals
  3. You need to have perseverance as lowering flat is a part of freelance life, so on the off chance that you do not get any attitude from your customers after bidding for more than 50 projects then you should not pressure.
  4. Without getting confident reviews on freelance portals, it is extremely hard to get SEO projects online. Once you get some extreme projects and deliver them on time, the troubles in getting new projects will curtail consequently.

2) Know the finest sites to work as a Freelancer

Getting good projects is not simply an effect of joining any freelance working platform. You will need to stretch out, find out a platform that is the finest fit for you, set up an amazing portfolio of past work, and perhaps substantiate yourself through tests that characterize your abilities. Below given is the list of the 15 best sites that you can select to get some SEO projects online-

  1. Upwork
  2. over more than 1.5 million customers, Upwork (beforehand oDesk 7 Elance) offers something for every sort of freelancer
  3. It is the leading place to get some top-rated short and long-term SEO projects, hourly or per-project basis work that eagerness entry-level or master-level expertise
  4. Despite what level you are in your business, Upwork is probably going to have something good fitting and highly profitable for you

    II.          Toptal

  • With a particularly varied approach in comparison to Upwork, Toptal is for professional, seasoned, and talented freelancers.
  • Once you pass Toptal’s screening procedure, it will offer you unparalleled access to momentous activities with awesome customers (JPMorgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, and so on) and reasonable pay, as it is not included in low-bid contests
  • You can additionally join the Toptal group for patronizing meetups and tech events that will cooperate you get some extra promising projects

  III.          Freelancer

  • Not at all like other platforms, Freelancer facilitate you to compete with other freelance specialists in contests to demonstrate your skills
  • In case you are a professional, competitive, and sure about your mastery, it is an incredible approach to characterize your capacities and draw in more customers

  IV.          Craigslist

  • Albeit most people examine Craigslist to be only a stage for buying and offering different things, it’s an awesome place for getting some finest freelance jobs.
  • You can without much of a stretch pursue local freelance SEO jobs. You can also search for freelance SEO jobs in any particular location

    V.          Aquent

  • Top-rated freelance site for providing work around the globe for digital marketing and creative experts
  • It offers considerable opportunities for freelancers to work remotely or on-site. You can also use it to search for contract-to-hire jobs
  • Here, you can also search for free online courses that provide training in practical skills to sharpen your skills
  • You only need to search with focus keywords and a location or you may simply browse all of the ongoing freelance SEO jobs in your selected area

  VI.          Guru

  • This site lets you adequately exhibit your past work experience and offers daily job-matching support to ensure you don’t pass up an extreme opportunity for any SEO projects
  • The Guru Work Room lets you effectively handle and execute all your work

VII.          The Creative Group

  • This is aimed at great freelance jobs in fields like marketing, art, copywriting, graphic design, and photography
  • You can find some finest freelance jobs here that are full-time or contract to hire and more
  • You only need to input the ‘freelance’ filter to edit the find

VIII.          99designs

  • In case you are a Digital Marketer who is proficient in designing as well then 99designs is a platform for you
  • It is the perfect place for freelance designers and gives you a chance to compete in design contests and get feedback to boost your skills.
  • Clients prefer choosing first-rate ones which makes it an incredible place for adequate designers and SEOers to demonstrate their abilities

  IX.          Peopleperhour

  • This is an incredible freelancing platform for getting some of the most beneficial SEO projects online
  • In case you’re an SEO expert, designer, web developer, etc. then Peopleperhour is certainly a terrific place for you
  • It streamlines the process of freelancing by executing communication and payments along with the effective job management

    X.          Freelance Writing Gigs

  • For SEOers, writers, bloggers, editors, publishers, etc., Freelance Writing Gigs is one of the finest sites to get some good-paying freelance jobs
  • Each day you will see the site getting upgraded with new freelance jobs related to different industries and the array of SEO projects is a leading source for those SEOers who are experienced in writing skills as well

  XI.          College Recruiter

  • This platform is directed toward college students who are looking for a way to earn more cash
  • Students and recent graduates who are skillful in some marketing skills can find part-time jobs aimed at their industry of choice

XII.          freelance

  • iFreelance incorporates some of the most encouraging freelancing works related to marketers, editors, writers, coders, and so on
  • iFreelance offers SEOers an opportunity to keep 100 percent of their income

XIII.          Project4hire

  • With lots of project categories, Project4hire lets you recognize freelance jobs that suit your spectrum of abilities without looking over a huge number of job posts
  • It is very profitable for advertisers, coders, designers, consultants, and more

XIV.          SimplyHired

  • With a more expanded range than most other freelance platforms offer, SimplyHired is excellent for everybody from sales representatives to designers, developers, and marketers
  • Here, you can search for work in over 24 countries and 12 different languages. SimplyHired involves a blog with hiring tips as well as a company directory and location-based search

XV.          LinkedIn Profinder

  • LinkedIn is one of the most eminent resources for all kinds of freelance jobs and other business needs
  • With Profinder, LinkedIn has recently soaked its toe into the freelance world
  • Profinder aids freelance experts find their next job as quickly as possible

3)    Use Google AdWords/PPC

  • Using Google AdWords/PPC is one of the well-known approaches to getting SEO projects online by building ad campaigns
  • Google AdWords is the most ideal way to overture your products and related services online for new advertisers
  • ROI on the SEO projects got over Google AdWords is genuinely the best and every top advertiser these days consider Google AdWords for discovering new customers and projects on the web

4) Build your strong online existence in Search Engines

  • Before offering SEO services to clients, your site has to have a decent ranking on SERPs
  • Initially for this, you should optimize your site, which will demonstrate positive outcomes for customers
  • If your site is not on the climb of search engine results, you cannot ensure others buy your services to optimize their site ranking
  • It is a must for SEOers to amend their site legitimately, which will help you hire the finest SEO freelancing projects. For this, you need to optimize your site by blending keywords like “SEO Services in India”, “SEO Services in Delhi”, etc.
  • You should pick long-tail keywords, as long-tail keywords have less competition
  • Building backlinks along with forum Postings and encouragement in different SEO forums like Digitalpoint, and Sitepoint, will help you improve your online presence
  • Using local classified advertisements like Craiglist, OLX, and Back page, would also be helpful for you
  • Content marketing adopting blogging, articles, press release, Videos, Slides, and Images, would help you have an exceptional online presence
  • Writing SEO-related posts and doing SMO(Social Media Optimization) on various social channels like Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and so on are part of the self-optimization that helps in getting the finest SEO projects

5)    Send Emails for SEO jobs vacant on Job Portals

  • You can also search for freelance SEO projects on Job Portals like Naukri.com, Indeed.com, and Shine.com
  • Once you figure out the perfect SEO job for you, you can shoot Emails with an introductory letter and a proposition
  • In your email, you can also feature your current customers and your work. It is advisable to keep the message customized and easy to understand. Following a conversational tone as per the thought procedure of a client would help you convince the job providers
  • You can build the catalog of clients by using Aweber, or Google RSS Feed, or can find details from different sites, directories, classifieds, etc
  • Using LinkedIn, News-Letter Signups and craft local companies, cold calling, or making personal visits are other methods to get freelance SEO projects

Following these tips will help you find the perfect SEO projects, still, for successful achievement of such projects, a freelancer SEO specialist should be aware of the finest SEO project management software.

Final Words

I hope the aforesaid secrets will help you get great SEO projects that not only suit your prowess but also help you make a rewarding career as a freelancer.

Utilizing various portals that offer freelance SEO projects and managing your projects by using SEO project management tools would be extreme in ensuring better returns.

Still, if you see that your fellows are getting better projects, they must be then getting good reviews on their finished jobs.

I would advise you to appreciate your SEO skills by joining an SEO course that can grind your skills and help you get the positive reviews and needed improvements to your freelance SEO career.

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