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25+ Free PPT Submission Sites 2023 | Top PPT Submissions For SEO

ByPawandeep Singh

Feb 1, 2023
PPT Submission Sites

As the internet is reaching every corner of the earth, it is making a connection to information and communication much easier. It affects and facilitates nearly every facet of modern life.

Starting from communication to trading we can do about anything online. You don’t should a brick-and-mortar store anymore to sell your products and services. All your necessity is a website.

In this era of digitization, the manner we do business has changed dramatically. Nowadays, you can search for almost everything online.

As more and more businesses are going digital, the rivalry is also increasing rapidly. With millions of content being published online every day, it is getting harder to snatch the attention of people.

It is not easy to rank top on any search engine. There are a lot of factors muddled in ranking on any search engine on Google.

SEO is very imperative to rank on any search engine. Without SEO it is futile to rank your content on Google or any other search engine.

You can attract organic search traffic by improving your SEO and search engine ranking. Traditional SEO mostly subsists of two parts, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO depends on optimizing your websites and content to dominate search engine ranking. While off-page SEO depends on all the actions taken outside of your own site to impact your rankings within search engine results pages.

But SEO is progressive and is changing over time. There are many off-page SEO techniques that can help you rank high on Google. One of the newest off-page SEO techniques is PPT submission.

Nowadays, many SEOs are using PPT submission sites to enhance their SEO and search engine ranking.

PPT submission sites are not only just used for sharing PPT. These sites are also used for getting powerful backlinks from different sites.

What are ppt submission sites?

PPT submission sites are extensively used for submitting and sharing PowerPoint presentations. PPT submission sites are popular SEO tools that are used by a lot of SEOs and digital marketers.

ppt submission sites

You can use PPT submission sites for developing off-page SEO and search engine ranking. There are a lot of websites where you can submit numerous documents, pdf, and ppts.

Most search engines plus Google crawl ppt and pdf files, just like any other HTML pages. As search engines are able to read these documents, they also index links that are described in those documents.

Using ppt submission sites you can submit any ppt that has links to your web pages. It is an effortless link-building technique.

Most ppt submission sites contain an explanation field where the author can write a brief description of the ppt. You can also submit URLs in the description field and get cost-free backlinks.

PPT submission sites can be an impressive link-building technique. It can help you boost your website’s search engine ranking and increase your website engagement.

PPT submission sites have a massive traffic volume. If you have a fascinating ppt it can help you attract a lot of people. Interesting ppts have huge conversion rates.

By submitting your ppt on any popular ppt submission sites you can not only boost your search engine ranking but also get a lot of free website traffic.

PPT Submission For SEO

PPT submission sites are one of the finest ways to get authority backlinks. Backlinks are the most necessary component of off-page SEO. It is also a very serious search engine ranking factor.

But getting quality backlinks is a little difficult. Either you have to write guest posts for some other bloggers or spend a lot of money to get backlinks.

Most ppt submission sites have huge domain authority (DA) and page rank (PR). Backlinks from those sites are really powerful.

As all search engines crawl ppt, then links from these files get indexed. PPT with quality content can have positive brunt on search engine rankings.

So submitting your ppt file on any leading ppt submission sites can get you powerful backlinks. It can help boost the visibility of your website online. Also, you can increase your search engine ranking.

PPT submission sites are one of the accessible online marketing techniques that can help you get quality backlinks. Furthermore, you can get referral visitors from those sites.

Why Use PPT Submission Sites

SEO is a vital part of digital marketing. With SEO you can bring people without spending any money. SEO can help you get cost-free organic traffic to your website.

PPT submission sites are a finest way to promote your content and improve overall SEO. Sharing your content on different platforms can give you more exposure online and help you attract potential leads.

As most submission sites have massive traffic volumes, they can be used for increasing brand awareness.

Using ppt submission sites you can make your content accessible to the whole world. Many people create PPT templates on many familiar topics and share them on ppt submission sites.

A lot of important and useful documents are common on ppt submission sites. PPT submission sites are mostly used by businesses to share documents among co-workers.

If you want to enhance the visibility of your website, you should use this opportunity. You can increase your SEO by building powerful backlinks from PPT submission sites.

PPTs are particularly used for:

  • Attractive template design
  • Visual enhancement
  • Chart/graph designing
  • Content review and editing
  • Custom graphics
  • Animations

How To Submit PPT On every Submission Sites

Submitting your ppt, pdf, or doc file on any submission sites is very simple. Firstly you need to find top ppt submission sites that grant users the to add URLs with submission.

ppt submission sites

Here are a few tips and procedures to submit your file on any submission site.

1. Find Top PPT submission Sites

There are many ppt submission sites where you can share your ppt for free. But not all of these sites are worthful for SEO. Make sure to submit your PPT on excellent ppt submission sites only. leading ppt submission sites have high DA and PA. Backlinks from those can be worthful in ranking your blog on SERPs.

2. Add Website URL

When creating the ppt make assured you add your website’s homepage URL and links to other pages on which you want to rank on search engines.

Make sure to add contextual backlinks slightly than just submitting the URL. Adding a homepage URL will help you enhance your website’s domain authority. Also, adding contextual backlinks will lead your content or web pages to rank high.

Contextual backlinks are easily crawlable and are indexed quickly by search engines. PPT submission sites can also be accused of indexing new websites.

3. Make Your PPT accessible to The Public

Almost all top ppt sites have high traffic volume. When you upload your ppt on any ppt submission site, remember to make it public so anyone can view your ppt. This will not help you advertise your content. Also, it will be much easier for the search engine to crawl and index your web links. Furthermore, you can get a lot of free massive referral traffic from those sites.

4. Make Engaging PPT

PPTs are widely used for every kind of presentation. People always search for interesting ppts online. You can search and get a lot of interesting ppt templates. Engaging content will help you get massive website visitors and you can turn them into subscribers.

List of Top PPT Submission Sites

Here we have created a list of PPT sites with high domain authority. High PR ppt submission sites are leading for SEO and building backlinks. Most of these sites have massive traffic volumes. So, you can easily promote your content and get free huge referral traffic from those sites.

ppt submission sites
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