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30 Best RSS Feed Submission Sites List 2023

ByPawandeep Singh

Jan 29, 2023

What are RSS feed submission sites?

RSS means Rich Site Summary. It is a type of web feed that grant the users get updates on various updates contents on the websites. RSS feed is generally used by blogs and websites which update the content on a daily basis. To update the audience with the latest news, products, and services, RSS feed submission plays a vital role.

RSS feed submission will help you to boost the reach of your website to the most productive audience. These websites can easily publicize your new content to a wide audience in very little time. This happens because people subscribe to numerous niches given on these feed websites.

RSS Feed Submission Sites

So, whenever there is new content published on any new topic on any website comprised of that niche, it will be shown to the users who are subscribed to that website niche. For example, if your website is submitted in the RSS feed website in the health niche. So, whenever you post a new article on your website, it will be shown in the feed category of the users automatically. So, in this way, RSS feed submission will help you to get massive referral traffic, and also it will boost your SEO too.

Advantages of RSS feed submission Sites for your website SEO

There are numerous benefits of RSS feed submission for your website SEO. Some of them are as follows.

Whenever you submit your website for an RSS feed, Almost all of the websites will give you a returning backlink which will be good for your SEO. By getting these backlinks from different high-quality websites, you can easily give a boost to your SEO.

More Popularity

When your latest posts go to a new audience, it will automatically boost your brand awareness. You will be able to achieve vast popularity for your blog. This will indirectly lead to SEO.

New posts may index quickly

Whenever you post new articles or blog posts on your website, it generally takes a much time to get indexed on the search engine. But, by using the RSS feed, your new posts will be exposed quickly to a large group of readers. This will help the search engine, especially Google to find out new content on your website at a fast rate.

Most of the websites on the internet adopt the RSS feed. This is an old and trusted way to promote our websites. But, very few of us are aware of its strength in building brand reputation. Also, John Mueller (Trend Analyst at Google) has also stated that if your site updates multiple contents per day, it is great to use an RSS feed than any other technique. He said that Google also uses RSS signals to search new pages on the internet. So, you should opt for RSS feed submission as per the brand promotion strategy. It will help you to achieve your goals instantly.

List of top RSS feed submission sites 2023

To help you more with this method, we have put together a list of the best RSS feed submission sites which is given below.

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