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Leading 48 Free Video Submission Sites List 2023

ByPawandeep Singh

Feb 4, 2023
Video Submission Sites

Video submission sites are one of the imperative techniques in SEO for grabbing traffic and boosting the rank of one’s website. Submission of a high-quality video with great content, useful details, and required updates in high authority video submission sites can do magic for your site! For any blogger or website owner who wants to enhance his page rank in Google SERP or any business owner who wants to market his products or services online, video submission is an inevitable SEO technique to be followed.

Whether it’s a video call, video conference, any entertaining videos, or advertisements through videos, nowadays videos have become the better-known medium for communicating, sharing, and showing. That is related to the fact that video has now taken 64 percent of the internet traffic making it one of the leading media on the web. That is why almost every blogger, digital marketer, or business owner prefers video submission in popular video submission sites to get an eminent number of backlinks to their sites and increase their website. Whether it is a paid or a free video submission site, the tactic of video submission has now become a very powerful off-page SEO method.

Importance of Video submission sites

In this era of digitization, people always live within a steady time schedule, and going through a long process of understanding the content through pictures, various documents or reading words calmly is quite hard work!  So, a nice useful video consistently attracts people more than any image, graphics, document file, or audio file. Hence video submission in high authority video submission sites has now become a very popular approach and is adopted by many in regards to boosting backlinking, gaining traffic and thus boosting their site’s rank in Google SERP.

The importance of video submission or the benefits of video submission for SEO is huge. The following are some reasons:

  • It is helpful in promoting your brand online. If you own a business service or product and want to promote it to get the audience know about to it or consume it, sharing the information through a video is always preferable and highly efficient as well as effective.
  • It is helpful in obtaining a good amount of visitors to the business website.
  • Along with inviting your visitors to click on your website or to visit the website, you can show the product information or service information that you are offering through the video.
  • Helps in collecting high-quality backlinks for your website.
  • It helps in elaborating a website’s rank in Google SERP.
  • Video submission in high authority video submission sites can enhance your website’s DA, PA, PR, and Alexa ranking as well.
  • Get high-quality backlinks for your site with high authority.

Why Video submission sites?

As already mentioned, submission of videos with marvelous content in paid or free video submission sites can work very positively in gathering traffic for a website. But it also should be in mind that submission of anything and everything just to get massive backlinks can be harmful. It also has a big chance of spamming. So, when choosing a video submission site one should be very deliberate and methodical.

Procedure for submitting videos to video submission sites

Following are the pair of steps involved in a video submission. Anyone can follow these steps in order to backlink building for websites or online promotion, advertising, and online marketing:

1st step– 1st of all you need to create a video describing all the information about your program, services, or products which you want to feature. The video may also include the details of your concern, the owner’s introduction, members, etc. The video file can be in the form of MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI, or WMV. In video submission for link building, the MP4-type format is most commonly used.

2nd step– Convert your created videos as per your relevant format with the pixel which you want.

3rd step– Make the video more attractive. It is necessary to make the video nice and engaging so that it can attract visitors’ attention. For making a nice video you can use images that define your business website in the form of snapshots at the proper place.

4th step– Make the video short, quiet, and easily understandable. The specific time for videos for submitting to a video submitting site is 5-10 minutes.

5th step– When your video is ready to be submitted, then select some high DA video submitting sites. You can choose from the above-mentioned sites. Most of the down-mentioned sites are having high DA & PA. Always select high-authority sites that have a massive amount of traffic in terms of users.

6th step– You need to register on their website before uploading a video. So, register thereby filling in the required blanks and providing true and genuine information.

7th step– After registering, now you can submit your video by clicking on tabs such as ‘share your video’, ‘upload your video’, ‘submit your video’, submit a video file’, ‘post your video’ etc.

8th step– There will be a preference for submitting your website’s URL. So put your website’s URL there too from which you want backlinks and submit.

Also, we have added a few video creation sites where you can generate your own video for your products or company by just signing up on their website.


Why are Video Submission Sites much important?

Video submission sites are important for SEO because they confess you to upload and share videos of your business or product in order to promote them on the web. Google loves video content, and as long as your videos are well-made and relevant to your target audience, you can be sure that they will help your websites rank higher in search engine results.

Some of the finest video submission sites for SEO include YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Each site has its own set of rules and regulations, so it is important to familiarize yourself with them before you initiate uploading content. You should also make sure to amend your videos for search engines, using keywords and other appropriate tags.

By using video submission sites for your SEO efforts, you can increase traffic to your website and enhance your sales figures.

What are video hosting sites?

Anyone can create wonderful videos that justify recognition and exposure. For videos to be noticed, viewed, and prudent, they must be hosted on a platform accessible to everyone. So, these are online platforms with massive storage spaces where individuals and companies can upload, live stream or share their videos.

Video hosting sites can be either private, public, or mixed. They are controlled by individuals or large institutions such as Google, Amazon, and others.

What Are the enormous Video Hosting Sites Besides YouTube?

YouTube has been the eminent and most popular video hosting site for years. Here are the finest sites to use besides YouTube: Jetpack, Dailymotion, Vevo, Vimeo, and other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Leading 48 Free Video Submission Sites List

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Which are the Best Private Video Hosting Platforms?

Some videos can only be viewed by countable well-known people. They have secret content that should not be published. If you have such videos, share them on the following sites such as Videosprout, Wix.com, and Aws.

You can also make these videos private on YouTube and Facebook and encourage people to view them.

What Are the finest Video Hosting Sites for Business?

Businesses have a lot of content that is best illuminated in a video format. Use these websites to create videos that look more official and trustworthy: Wistia, Google Drive, YouTube, WordPress Video Hosting, and Hippo Video.

Every platform indicates the quality of a video. Aside from the way the message is conveyed, images, sounds, light contrast, and background appearance regulate over 75% of video viewers.

To increase your video views before uploading to a video hosting provider, I recommend you hire a video editor.

Whether you want to change the video background color, add video effects, or trending music, a video editor can really help you.

If you are the newest, don’t worry. It is the simplest, easy to use, and most user-friendly video editing tool you can find on the internet. Second, there are free tutorials provided you can learn from. Third, the free plan is capable of giving your videos millions of views, shares, and comments in a day.

What are the best video-sharing sites?

A few years ago, sharing a video was a tough task. But these days, sharing videos is simple and easy.

Whether you want to share videos with your friends or with big companies, several video websites offer you the option of sharing. The leading website that helps with video sharing is YouTube.

YouTube video site grants you to share videos both publicly and privately. The platform is pretty easy to use, so even a newbie can simply share videos without facing any problems.

So share great videos with the world’s biggest online video-sharing platform.

What are video sites?

Video websites are online platforms that help people share their created videos with people and the world at large.

The video websites help you create videos using digital gadgets so that you can share them with people all over the world. Various video websites have made it easy and simple for people to create and upload videos.

An example of a video site can be YouTube, which permits people to upload videos and share the uploaded video with others.

Video websites offer one of the eminent sources of entertainment in the digital age.

Will YouTube Ever Die?

With more than 500 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, there intimate to be no way YouTube will ever die.

This video website has grown in prominence since Google takeover the company in 2006, and since then this video website has seen only an upward curve of success.

With more than 2 billion users and millions of creators, the possibility that YouTube will die anytime soon is zero.

YouTube is currently the video-sharing platform and people allocate an average of 40 minutes a day watching videos.

With its popularity, it’s pretty much inaccessible to even imagine the end of YouTube.

Why you must use a video hosting service

If you intend to host videos on your website, you must be prepared for an array of challenges. Hosting videos on your own website has invariably been a challenge. Some of the challenges to face consist of videos not playing on the mobile, website, not opening, website speed slowing down, videos opening and closing, and storage issues.

These are the reasons why people select video hosting sites like YouTube.

Video hosting platforms keep video codes in a hidden way that makes it crucial for anyone to decode them. This avoids those who want to use the video codes to download the video from using them to their benefit.

When hosting a video on a website, most of the viewers will encounter display issues. Different web browsers obtain different file formats. In order for your video to be viewable in all dominant browsers, it needs to be published in many formats. Converting a video from one format to another is a laborious task.

Online video hosting platforms accept the following file composition: MPEG4, MP4, 3GPP, WebM, DNxHR, WMV, MPEGPS, WMV, and many more.

Disk space and file size restrictions

How much space are you endorsed to use according to your subscription? Web hosting websites attempt website owners limited space. The more you upload videos and back up your files, the lower the storage space becomes. To solve this problem, first, upload videos to the video hosting providers and then close them on your website.

It is really tough to play a self-hosted video that is over 100MB. Most web hosting providers set to limit the file size to 50MB.

Take benefit of the already huge audience

According to Business of Apps, there are 2 billion+ monthly active YouTube users. All video hosting service providers have an automatic video motion feature. Your videos will be displayed to the viewers of other videos. The extra they are viewed clicked and rated the higher their rank.

Most video streaming hosting platforms confess to uploading HD (high definition) videos. High-definition videos take up little space and engage more viewers.

To reduce video hosting costs, free video hosting sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Wistia are best. Before you can choose a website, there are a few important factors to consider.

Video Submission Sites: Summary

There are many strategies to host videos on the internet.

YouTube is the top choice for more video makers, but it has many downsides for businesses. The embed option can look unprofessional and your competitors might promote it.

Vimeo is a great budget option with a satin, customizable player and a dedicated audience of professional creatives.

Other paid options are also available at your disposal that gives you analytics, insights, and the strength to capture leads right from the video player.

To find the right option for your business, you should set your priorities.

A smart approach would be to combine several platforms in your strategy. You could choose a paid solution for hosting your videos that gives you adequate control over them, while also taking benefit of free video-sharing platforms – like YouTube or Facebook – as a way to grow your reach organically.

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